Reviews and related news on The Value of Hawai‘i:

—Sparking some comment-board outbursts on Ian Lind’s blog (7/17/10)

—Interview with co-editors Craig Howes and Jon Osorio, by Beth-Ann Kozlovich of HPR’s “Town Square” (while a union protest carries on in Waikiki) (7/22/10)

–Follow-up review and call to action by Beth-Ann Kozlovich on The Hawaii Independent (7/23/10)

—Feature story on Civil Beat, by John Temple. And some pretty civil online discussion too (7/23/10)

—The Value of Hawai‘i vs. Hawaii 5-0? By Arnie Saiki (7/27/10)

—Cover story in Honolulu Weekly, on “The Economy,” “Tourism,” and “Race and Ethnicity” (7/28/10)

—Four-contributor feature in the Honolulu Star Advertiser editorial section–why Hawaiian issues matter to everyone in Hawaii (8/1/10)

Jon Osorio

Craig Howes

Davianna Pomaikai McGregor

Dana Naone Hall

–Video interview by Jay Fidell of ThinkTech Hawaii—the co-editors on the making of the book (the top-left box, you might have to scroll sideways to find it)

–Video recording of our public discussion at Civil Beat on government, Hawaiian issues, and the making of the book. Featuring Chad Blair, Jon Osorio, and Craig Howes (8/5/10)

–Radio interview with co-editors Craig Howes and Jon Osorio by Randy Hudnall of Nā ‘Ōiwi ‘Ōlino – People Seeking Wisdom, presented by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (8/11/10)

–Review in Pacific Business News by Dawn Morais Webster—on “the courage to spend,” and why this book matters to business (8/13/10)


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