Excerpts, free and open to the public

Haven’t gotten the book yet and interested in learning more? There are a handful of free excerpts floating around the internet, and more coming every week on Civil Beat. Here’s the current list of what to read right now:

complete and uncut Introduction to the book, by Craig Howes, on UH Press site

on “Government,” by Chad Blair, on Civil Beat site

on “Hawaiian Issues,” by Jon Osorio, on Civil Beat site

on “The Economy,” by Sumner La Croix, on Civil Beat site

There are also a few smaller excerpts from different essays that were published in The Honolulu Star-Advertiser and Honolulu Weekly:

on “The Economy” by Sumner La Croix, “Tourism” by Ramsay Remigius Mahealani Taum, and “Race and Ethnicity” by John Rosa

on Hawaiian issues and sovereignty–book excerpts from Davianna Pōmaika‘i McGregor and Dana Naone Hall, and new essays by Jon Osorio and Craig Howes

Check our press page for links to video and radio interviews.

And get the book for the full essays along with footnotes, illustrations, and suggestions for further reading on each topic.


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