The Value of Hawai’i on ThinkTech (video)

Hey everyone, check out this link for an interview on the making of the book with co-editors Craig Howes and Jon Osorio for ThinkTech Hawaii. It’s in the ThinkTech Hawaii box, and you might have to scroll sideways a little to find it.

We’ll be doing an event with ThinkTech Hawaii on Aug 25 too, click on our event page for more info. The organization is a non-profit dedicated to “rais[ing] public awareness about the importance of tech to the diversification of Hawaii’s economy.” How does technology stack up to tourism as an industry, and what does “globalism” look like here?


AND, the event at Civil Beat went really well last night, and generated some good discussion, which is what this is all about (well, action too). Check out our facebook page wall for the video now. We’ll post it up here on this site with pictures shortly.


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