Review in The Hawaii Independent, and a link to the radio show if you missed it

Mahalo nui to Beth-Ann Kozlovich for her review/opinion follow-up piece to her radio interview with Craig Howes and Jon Osorio, published on local news and community site, The Hawaii Independent.

An inspiring excerpt:

Beyond the marketing slogans and the Hawaii-aloha-ohana happy talk we often mythologize with each other and especially with visitors—even if we truly mean what we’re saying—the essential question behind each essay is, “What’s worth protecting?” And now the second question: “What will you do?”

And here’s the link to the full review:

If you missed the radio interview last Thursday on Hawaii Public Radio’s “Town Square,” you can still listen online. The show received a number of callers who offered their own opinions about “the value of Hawai’i,” and shared their own stories about how Hawai’i is both a wonderful and very difficult place to live.
All this while hotel workers were striking in Waikiki. . .

The full show is archived here:


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