Cover story in Honolulu Weekly

This week’s Honolulu Weekly takes a look at four of our essays–on economy, tourism, “reinventing” Hawai‘i, and race and ethnicity.

Here’s the link:

“. . . . The book is, in a sense, a reimagining and an update of The Price of Paradise, Randall W. Roth’s seminal, somewhat angry 1992 look at Hawaii issues. The tone here is very different. Honolulu Weekly explored these essays in advance of the book’s wide release next month and found them as hopeful as they are critical, as fresh as they are valuable . . . .”

Thank you for the review! What do you all think?

In other news:

A book sighting has been confirmed–the Border’s at Ward has The Value of Hawai‘i on their shelves!



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3 responses to “Cover story in Honolulu Weekly

  1. Jon

    Once again the struggle for equality for LGBT Hawai’ians is ignored.

  2. To Jon: Doesn’t fighting for equality include LGBT you mean? Or do you need special treatment? Wouldn’t that diversify you even more? To me that is contradictory and no, don’t worry I am on your side (I am a liberal Swede).

    To the authors!
    Found you through Honolulu Weekly and look very much forward to read your book when I get a chance and be a part of this discussion as I am a grad stud at HPU in Organizational Change and Development 🙂


  3. Jonathan Osorio

    The writer is correct. We contacted people whom we thought would write on Lesbian, Gay Transgender issues but knew that there was also a tremendously important discourse already underway because of the Civil Unions bill. We were a bit optimistic that the bill would become law, but that’s no excuse. We overlooked this community and should have weighed in, especially now that the Governor has sidestepped this and decided to place it before a public plebescite. But there is no reason that equal treatment under the law and respect for diversity should not be raised at every forum where a discussion of this book takes place. We really hope that these themes are obvious in this book.

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